The IEOR PhD program is designed for students with an interest in pursuing advanced studies in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Prospective applicants come from a diverse set of backgrounds including Math, Applied Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Operations Research. Graduates from the program have gone on to careers in academia, research, and industry. Visit our alumni page to learn moreĀ about the exciting opportunities our alumni are pursuing.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students entering the doctoral program must demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics.

The PhD program in IEOR is fully funded for all admitted students. The IEOR Department provides tuition, health insurance and a monthly stipend for at least four years, provided satisfactory progress is made. This support is for students who have been awarded teaching assistantships and SEAS fellowships. The department encourages students to seek outside funding whenever possible (ie, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships).

Ph.D. Specialization in Data Science

The Ph.D. specialization in Data Science is an option within each participating department's Ph.D program. To participate, students should fulfill the requirements below in addition to those of their respective department's Ph.D. program. Students should discuss this specialization option with their Ph.D. advisor and their department's director for graduate studies. Further questions about the specialization requirements should be directed to the Director of the PhD program.