Thesis Defense

When the dissertation is complete, there is a final examination by a faculty committee. Prior to application for the final examination, the dissertation must be approved by the sponsor and a faculty reader. The candidate must have complete copies of his thesis available at least four weeks before the examination date.

Dissertation Defense Timeline

3-4 Weeks Before:

  1. Set the date for your defense by emailing [email protected] 
  2. Submit the Application for Dissertation Defense form to the office at 315 Mudd Building. You must have decided on a date for defense when you submit this form. The student is responsible for selecting the dissertation committee. The Chair needs to be a full-time faculty member of IEOR. The Sponsor must be your advisor. An "insider" reviewer is someone from the department, whereas an "outside" reviewer is anybody outside of IEOR.

Post-Defense: The student will receive a "deposit" card that will need to be submitted to the IEOR Department *only* when their dissertation has been fully revised and completed. The student should also email [email protected] regarding when they would like to schedule their congratulatory champagne toast.

Master of Philosophy Completion

All students must file for the M.Phil. degree within a year of your intended dissertation defense. If you plan on defending in the spring or summer, you should apply for the M.Phil. by the fall semester before. All students must have:

  • Completed all departmental requirements for the degree
  • Have completed 30 credits post MS
  • Have 6 RU's (residence units) completed
  • No INs, CPs, or other missing grades
  • Not used R grade for credit towards the 30 post-MS

The Application for the Degree of Master of Philosophy can be found here. Students need to fill this out and bring it to the IEOR Department.