Academic Requirements for Entering Students

All first year doctoral students are required to take four core courses in the following sequence:

IEOR E6613: Optimization I (4.5 credits)
IEOR E6711: Stochastic Models I (4.5 credits)

IEOR E6614: Optimization II (4.5 credits)
IEOR E6712: Stochastic Models II (4.5 credits)

The department strongly encourages students to take CSOR W4231: Introduction to Algorithms in Fall (This course can be waived for students who have taken a similar course earlier)

In addition to these 4 core courses, each PhD student must take 4 additional PhD level courses (possibly in other departments) during the course of the PhD. Research credits (IEOR E9101) do not count towards this requirement. It is important to select courses you find interesting while considering your background and in consultation  with your academic advisor. Students can consider courses from other Departments including Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics, and Decision Risk and Operations.

A complete listing of courses can be found through the Directory of Classes.